What is Hawai‘i J20…

Hawaiʻi J20 is a group who has come together to act on shared concerns about the campaign promises and rhetoric of President-Elect Donald Trump and how his transition team have begun acting on those promises and rhetoric.

Together they stand for equality; social, economic and environmental justice; women’s rights; reproductive rights; LGBTQIA+ rights; disability rights; freedom of religion and separation of church and state; criminal justice reform, restorative justice and community response models; sanctuary for immigrants and refugees; a free and independent press; and the strengthening of our social safety net – all of which the President-Elect and his cabinet appointments have threatened to undermine or gut. We welcome all who wish to join us in collective action!

Women’s March – O ahu is proud to support Hawaiʻi J20!

Hawaiʻi J20 have several events to help prepare for J20 over the next 2 weeks. Check out their website for more details of their teach-ins, sign making sessions & other activities all leading up to January 20, 2017: https://www.hawaii-j20.com/events/

Other ways to stay up-to-date with Hawaii J20:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hawaiij20/
Twitter: @hawaii_j20Instagram: hawaiij20



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